Siero viso effetto lifting alla canapaSiero viso effetto lifting alla canapa
Siero viso effetto lifting alla canapa

Hemp-based facial serum lifting effect


Specific treatment with restorative and restorative properties for thickened, atonic and wrinkled skin that requires a renewal treatment. Created to stimulate the cellular metabolism and restore the synthesis of those substances essential for the skin that decrease with age, giving a younger and more vital aspect. Ideal for an immediate lifting effect, it gives turgidity and compaction. Also excellent for the skin of the breast that with the daily treatment will appear more toned and smooth.

The product does not contain: Parabens, Tiazolinones, Formaldehyde cessors, SLS / SLES, Synthetic chelating agents, PEG / PPG, dyes, Acrylates.

Fragrance: Peu de Lierre
Top note
The head of the fragrance is characterized by the harmonious combination of fresh and green notes of ivy with an oceanic scent of algae. Traces of pepper give the first olfactory impact energetic aromatic nuances.
Body note
The ivy also dominates the heart of the composition, which is enriched with energy and vitality by marrying with green and floral notes of violet and cyclamen.
Note of the queue
The final part of the scent recalls the warm and deep scents of the earth: the fragrant ivy joins the scent of wild musk, finally merging into the intensity of cedar wood and amber.

Functional substances: acmella, ginkgo biloba, cannabis sativa and hyaluronic acid

Acmella pure Active is particularly indicated for expression lines of the forehead, the eye contour or the mouth. The skin is continually stressed by numerous environmental factors (stress, pollution, intense solar irradiation), which mark the face prematurely. Wrinkles appear first at the very points where facial expressions are more stressed on the skin. Acmella flowers perform a "botox-like" activity. They contain muscle relaxants that act directly on the micro-contractions of the face to stretch the skin and quickly restore a more compact appearance.

GINKGO BILOBA LEAF EXTRACT: Ginkgo biloba extract
The extract of Ginkgo biloba is used for the preparation of cosmetics that have the purpose of protecting the skin from oxidative stress, in anti-aging products and intended to improve the functionality of the microcirculation (cellulite and capillary fragility).

From the physiological point of view, hyaluronic acid is one of the main elements of connective tissue and plays the fundamental task of maintaining the right degree of hydration. Hyaluronic acid contributes to the maintenance of the shape, the turgidity and the elasticity of the skin. However, its quantity tends to decrease over time. The consequence is a weakening of the skin and the formation of imperfections and wrinkles more and more marked. Hyaluronic acid acts as a powerful moisturizer and helps restore the right compactness to the skin.

This oil is rich in chlorophyll and contains high amounts of essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) in the ideal proportion required for optimal human cell growth. Soothing and rebalancing, it is also an oil rich in vitamin E, which fights free radicals responsible for premature aging and B vitamins (in particular B1, B2, B6).

How to use: apply a thin layer of serum on the skin in the morning and in the evening.