Contorno occhi trifase alla canapaContorno occhi trifase alla canapa

Hemp-based three-phase eye contour


Instant anti-aging treatment around the eyes, smoothing out small wrinkles, softening dark circles and bags. It ensures perfect tolerability to the eyelid area and leaves no traces of greasiness, making it an excellent base for make-up. Also suitable for young subjects with very lively facial expressions and consequent expression lines.

The eye contour has no addition of scent, to avoid allergic reactions, given the very sensitive and delicate area, where it is applied.

The product does not contain: Parabens, Tiazolinones, Formaldehyde cessors, SLS / SLES, Synthetic chelating agents, PEG / PPG, dyes, Acrylates.

Functional substances: silk proteins, acmella oleracea, rice proteins and a mix of oils (argan oil, hemp oil and mosqueta rose oil).

ACERELLA OLERACEA EXTRACT: anti-wrinkle properties due to spilantol, a substance capable of relaxing the muscles. The extract also has a positive effect on the collagen network and helps to firm the skin over time.

How to use: apply a veil of product on the eye contour morning and evening with circular movements; also excellent as a make-up base.